Büroflächen Accenture München

CBA planned the new office space with a total area of 14,000m2 on the campus of the „Neue Balan“ in Munich for the globally active consulting company Accenture. The challenge of the project was to combine several sub-companies of Accenture at one location and in one design concept. The large areas were structured and organized through a city-like concept. The result is an office that combines the themes of work, communication, interaction and recreation in three buildings in an innovative way.


An interior concept had to be developed which could be implemented on a few thousand square meters and still respond to the needs of the individual companies. An urban planning approach in which the elements of a city such as parks, plazas and neighborhoods were interpreted in terms of interior architecture finally formed the basis of the design, which optimally implements Accenture’s New Work requirements.


The existing buildings dictated the industrial look of the interior. Modern, high-quality surfaces were deliberately contrasted with the rough, white concrete surfaces. Uses in the buildings resulted from the geometries of the existing buildings. The parks and plazas were deliberately placed in the respective connecting corners of the U-shaped ensemble to create short distances and to promote communication and interaction among the employees. The project was implemented with local and regional craftsmen as far as possible.


The clear configuration of the areas, similar to urban development, makes it easy to find your way around the building. Parks and plazas are located where the buildings meet. The most public areas, such as the Connect Space and the Campus Max, are located on the ground floor.


Standort: München, Deutschland
Jahr: 2018 – 2022
Auftraggeber: Accenture Dienstleistungen GmbH
Größe: 14.000 m²
Status: fertiggestellt
Auszeichnung: German Design Award 2023, BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2023, Best Workspaces 2023 Auszeichnung, iF Design Award 2023