House Holtmann

The development of the existing building from 1960 in Cologne’s city center is based on the “house on house” concept. The new construction is placed on the property as a confident, contrasting element. The design of the facade – building plastered, expansion of sheet metal cladding – strengthens this impression. The added volume is irregularly perforated by large-scale window cuts and terraces. Another important aspect of the design is the view of the Cologne Cathedral. A large-scale window was integrated facing the street on the fourth floor, offering a wide view of the towers of the Cologne Cathedral and the urban environment. In the attic above this, a generous terrace was included, also allowing an impressive view of the city. This principle of openings is repeated on the courtyard-facing side. In this case with a view of the quiet inner courtyard.


Location: Cologne, Germany
Year of construction: 2007 – 2010
Client: Dr. Klaus Holtmann
Size: 350 m²
Status: Completed
Photos: zweimalig