Exhibition CBA15

CBA Clemens Bachmann Architekten has been working on a wide variety of projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and design for 15 years. The contents of the projects are as different as the respective approach. The methodology varies and adapts to the task at hand. Initial design concepts, for example, are developed on the basis of physical concept and volume models, and are tested and further developed through diagrams, photomontages and 3D visualizations.


Consequently, the office sees itself more as an architectural workshop and less as a classic planning office. In the hall-like office space, presentation walls mix with plans, drawings, renderings as well as models in various scales. All this always reflects the current design status of the individual projects. The concept of the exhibition, with its walls and their contents arranged as if at random, as well as the large-scale model tables, attempts to reflect this.


The daily project work is characterized by the heterogeneity of the respective design tasks. Thus, there is a constant change between new buildings and renovations, interior design for soccer stadiums and offices, to temporary buildings such as exhibition stands. This, too, represents the concept of the exhibition by avoiding clear zoning in terms of content. The projects “collide” with each other and are put on display without comment.


The space is zoned and divided into functional areas by sea pine panels set up in a v-shape. The exhibition walls, which are rotated out of the grid, serve to present the projects. An auditorium with a large projection screen opposite the entrance is used for lectures. This area is additionally set apart from the rest of the exhibition space by a carpeted island.


Architectural models for each project are displayed on large wooden tables in the center of the space and next to the entrance.


The industrial ceiling with a multitude of building services fixtures remains visible, underscoring the restrained, improvised-looking exhibition architecture. The existing lighting of the space, a simple suspended fluorescent tube grid serves to illuminate the space.


Foiled floor strips mark the three core projects of the exhibition and follow the grid of the exhibition walls with their 45 degree angle.


More information: www.cba15.com


Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2019
Size: m²
Status: completed