Collider Activity Center

The design for the Collider Activity Center in Mladost includes both the design of the building and the design of the park. The open, urban space was divided into various themed areas. The most important themed strip houses the Collider Activity Center itself. The building separates the park from the street to create a quiet regeneration zone.
The striking silhouette of the building has a high recognition value and identifies the building as a landmark. The combination of all uses in one compact space guarantees the cost and energy efficiency of the complex.
The building not only offers an indoor climbing hall, but also the possibility to climb the building from the outside on the south façade.
The various units in the building are housed in simple, cubic rooms in order to achieve the greatest possible flexibility. The separation of use is partially eliminated by visual connections between the various facilities and also between the interior and exterior spaces.
Simple materials and constructions follow the intensive use of the building. Short distances facilitate daily business and use by visitors.


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2013
Client: Walltopia
Size: 6.500 sqm
Status: Completed