Collider Activity Center

The draft for the Collider Activity Center in Mladost includes the design of the building itself as well as the design of the park. The open urban space has been fragmented into subject areas. The most important theme stripe accommodates the Collider Activity Center building itself. The building insulates the park from the street to create a calm regenerative area.
The impressive folded outline has a high recognition value and imposes the building to be a landmark. The combination of all uses in one compact space, an efficient and tight usage of the allowable footprint guarantees the cost and energy efficiency of the complex.
The building does not only contain the possibility of climbing inside, it also provides the opportunity to climb along its southern facade.
The different units in the building are simple cubic rooms to provide the framework for a flexible, multi-functional usage. The separation of the uses is partially repealed by visual connections among the different facilities and as well between the inner and the outer space.
Simple materials and constructions approve functionality and flexibility. Short ways facilitate the daily business and the usage by the visitors.


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2013
Client: Walltopia
Size: 6.500 sqm
Status: Completed