Museo Cultural Santa Fe

The concept is based on the idea to create a façade that changes its appearance depending on weather and light conditions to refer to the environments of the site. Because of the reflecting panels, the sky, the soil, the buildings, the people, the colours, everything will by mirrored like a huge picture. The viewer gets the impression of an abstract, surreal image that changes dynamically according to viewpoint. The façade will never look like the same and intensifies the atmospheres of day and night time in a spectacular way.
By moving the new façade partially away from the existing façade, two open, multifunctional spaces will be generated which transform the plain vertical skin of the building into a walkable space between. These areas can be used both as a temporary extension for outdoor events or exhibitions of the museum and terraces for café or restaurant.


Location: Santa Fe, USA
Year: 2007
Client: Museo Cultural Santa Fe
Status: Competition, settled