House Gigler

The building is based on a clear design concept. The client, an enthusiastic mountain climber, wanted the broadest possible view of the Wendelstein mountain across from the building. Due to the impossibility of building on the upstream fields, the building will always offer an impressive view of the mountain chain from nearly all rooms. The back of the building is mainly closed off, only necessary windows perforate the facade.

The timber frame construction was covered by split larch shingles on the outside. The garage pushes into the main house as a concrete square. The entire southwest side is designed as a sliding glass facade. The living room is extended into the exterior area through the large, frameless sliding elements.


Location: Neubeuern, Germany
Year: 2010 – 2013
Client: Private
Size: 250 m²
Status: Completed
Award: Rosenheimer Holzbaupreis 2016