01 Sep 2022
Autogrill Pratteln

For Autogrill in Pratteln, we designed the concept of a flexible food store in the striking bridge building above the highway.
The idea is based on a modular and flexible store system made of wood, which can be adapted and restructured again and again.
Restrained colors create a neutral background for the goods on display.


Location: Pratteln, Switzerland
Year: 2022
Status: settled

10 Aug 2020
Fan shop Europa-Park stadium SC Freiburg

The concept for the fan store represents a hybrid use of sales and museum. The exhibition area is directly accessible from the actual fan store.
All the furniture is planned as flexible elements as significantly more customers visit the sales area on match days. The materials used are restrained and industrial. Red, black and wood dominate the room.


Location: Freiburg, Germany
Year: 2020
Client: SC Freiburg
Status: settled

30 Jan 2018
Koppelmann optics

The design of the new Koppelmann store in Gelterkinden near Basel follows the principle of a clear arrangement of the presentation and consulting area. The shelves form the backbone of the room and surround the consultation tables.

The strict linear arrangement of the glasses makes it easy for customers to find their way around. The slats create horizontal presentation stripes that guide and direct the viewer’s eye. This gives the customer a quick overview of the products. The white background makes the spectacle frames look almost like art objects, their colors forming the only color accent against the homogeneous back wall. Green carpet islands form the only color accent in the new store.


Location: Gelterkinden, Switzerland
Year: 2017 – 2018
Client: Koppelmann Optik AG
Size: – m²
Status: Completed

04 Apr 2016
Wine shop Brienner Strasse

A wine shop was designed in a former office space in the heart of Munich. Due to its proximity to Munich’s museum quarter, it serves as a bistro and wine shop during the day and as an event space in the evening. Surrounded by glass on three sides, the room resembles a showroom for the presentation of wine and food. Mobile, gold-painted steel shelves offer the option of flexible decoration. Presenting a motif of the wine god Bacchus, a 100m2 printed acoustic ceiling creates a link to the room’s use.


Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2016
Client: Bayern Bankett
Size: 230m²
Status: Completed

06 Jul 2014
Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes

The starting point for this design concept draws inspiration from the industrial heritage of the building, with its rich history of former occupancies. The project will preserve the authentic and rough character of the space, revealing the unique textures and stories expressed in the structure and materials such as the exposed steel trusses and worn concrete floor. Within this industrial framework, we will introduce elements like racks, shelves and boxes for displaying the clothes and shoes.

The palette of materials will be kept neutral and desaturated, to allow the colours of the clothes themselves to be the main focus in the space. Plywood elements will create warmth and the white walls will accentuate the quality of light from the saw tooth clerestory windows.


Location: Munich / Germany
Year: 2014
Client: Quiksilver/ Sperber & Co GmbH & Co KG
Size: 1.300 sqm
Status: Completed

05 Jul 2006
Quiksilver showroom

The clothing manufacturer Quiksilver commissioned CBA with the conversion and redesign of the retail showroom in Munich in 2006. Targeted, partial alterations with the use of rough, coarse materials such as rusty steel panels, galvanized grates, and PVC multi-skin sheets emphasize the open, loft-like character of the presentation area. Designed as a continuous process, new furniture modules can be added or removed again and again in the coming years.


Location: Munich, Germany
Year of construction: 2006
Client: Quiksilver Europe
Size: 250 m²
Status: Completed