01 Feb 2018
Gasteig HP8

A feasibility study in the form of a master plan was developed for the HP8 creative quarter in Munich Sendling, to build a portion of the Gasteig Cultural Centre temporarily on the site. During the five-year general renovation, the Philharmonic Orchestra, Music College, Adult Education Centre, City Library, and offices will be located on the site. The concept envisages keeping the existing arts-related and small business tenants on site through a strong rehabilitation of the area.


Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2017 – 2018
Client: Gasteig GmbH
Size: – m²
Status: settled

05 Jul 2009
Gallery Sonja Junkers

The design divides the area of the room into a small back office and the actual exhibition space. The windows can be darkened by means of two large sliding elements that flexibly adapt to different exhibition situations. Additionally, these offer hanging possibilities for exhibition objects.


Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2009 – 2010
Client: Sonja Junkers
Size: 65 m²
Status: Completed

05 Jul 2008
Isar Museum

Description will follow.


Location: Munich, Germany
Year of construction: 2008
Size: 310 m²
Status: Settled

05 Jul 2007
Singapore National Art Gallery

The significance of the new National Art Gallery is made perceptible by a significant, shimmering ART CASE on the roof of the City Hall. The ART CASE consists of a modular combination of cubes which build a large-scale space. Various ART CUBES break away from the ART CASE and get through the existing buildings in a playful way. The reciprocal effect of the surroundings and the Singapore Art Gallery with its ART CUBES continues from the inside to the outside. Single ART CUBES flow out of the building transporting art as landmarks into public space. They dock at significant places of the city and open up for passers-by, hereby attracting attention and triggering interest in the Gallery.The ART CUBES are the key to the gallery opening the door to art. They offer space for interaction, e.g. in changing exhibitions with young artists, small galleries or installations.


Location: Singapore
Year: 2007
Status: Competition, settled

05 Jul 2007
Museo Cultural Santa Fe

The concept is based on the idea to create a façade that changes its appearance depending on weather and light conditions to refer to the environments of the site. Because of the reflecting panels, the sky, the soil, the buildings, the people, the colours, everything will by mirrored like a huge picture. The viewer gets the impression of an abstract, surreal image that changes dynamically according to viewpoint. The façade will never look like the same and intensifies the atmospheres of day and night time in a spectacular way.
By moving the new façade partially away from the existing façade, two open, multifunctional spaces will be generated which transform the plain vertical skin of the building into a walkable space between. These areas can be used both as a temporary extension for outdoor events or exhibitions of the museum and terraces for café or restaurant.


Location: Santa Fe, USA
Year: 2007
Client: Museo Cultural Santa Fe
Status: Competition, settled

05 Jul 2006
National Library of Sweden

Instead of tearing down the smaller existing building, the design envisages the sensible incorporation of the new cubage into the existing building structure. In the form of fingers and bridges, the building grows out of the park landscape and intermeshes with the main and auxiliary buildings. Beams of light bring daylight deep into the building’s interior and give the room rhythm.


Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2006
Status: Competition, settled

05 Jul 2005
Tsunami Memorial

The idea of the masterplan is to design three different sculptures inside the competition boundaries to create a space of nature and architecture, of silence and contemplation, science and culture, artificial and natural. The sculptures will be a tower (Museum/Memorial), a platform (Visitor Center, Learning Center, Conference area) and a cave (parking). The tower placed at the coast looking like a lighthouse over the Andaman sea and the beautiful surrounding green of the Khao Lak-Lam Roo National park. The platform in the south west of the site is embed in the trees and lifted up from the ground to preserve the nature. The parking-cave between the Visitor Center and Highway No.4 keeping the cars from the site-surface under the ground.


Location: Khao Lak, Thailand
Year: 2005
Status: Competition, settled

18 May 2004
Franz Liszt Concert Hall

Description to follow.


Location: Raiding, Austria
Year: 2004
Status: Competition, settled