28 Oct 2016
Exhibition Rosenheimer Woodwork Prize

Our project House Gigler will be displayed in the Haus der Architektur (House of Architecture) in Munich until November 18, 2016 as part of the traveling exhibition of the 4th Rosenheimer Woodwork Prize.


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26 Aug 2016
Box corridor Allianz Arena

On the first day of games of the new 2016/17 season, the box corridor in the Allianz Arena, with a length of 738m, was put into operation.


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17 Jun 2016
Architektouren 2016

Our project H33 at Hauptstrasse 33, Neubiberg, is part of the Architektouren 2016. Those interested can view the building on June 25 and 26.


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29 Feb 2016
Iteratec GmbH

Planning contract for the office site on the campus of Neue Balan in Munich. Aside from the office spaces, the plan also includes the courtyard design of the ring-shaped building.


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03 Feb 2016
World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz

CBA wins the competition for the design of the VIP and hospitality areas of the World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz. During the two weeks of races, a total of 11,000 guests will visit the two-storey building.

05 Jan 2016

Expansion study for a commercial property in München.


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